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This is like some sort of dramatic game show, with everyone waiting to see if I'll ever actually post here unlike with LJ!

Except it's totally not dramatic at all and nobody cares.

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No, really bad at blogging. I'll go for a few days sometimes and then slowly but surely my interest will fade, until I look back and I haven't posted in the past 4 months. It's a bad habit, and one that I'm afraid mirrors my staggered attempts at keeping journals and diaries.

When I was 14 or so, inspired by The Princess Diaries and other such offerings and moreover determined to start writing down all of those critical thoughts I was having, I decided to go back and try to keep a journal again. It went the way of all my journals before long; they last a few pages and then devolve into writer's notebooks with bits of fiction rather than fact, and drawings sprawling across the pages.

Of course, looking back on what I did write for the length that I managed to keep pen to paper in an honest attempt to make a record of what happened to me, it's probably for the best that my interest in journaling always waned so quickly. There was always an inordinate amount of squealing about anime.
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Well, I don't have any userpics uploaded yet, I just BARELY created this account and haven't even confirmed my email yet (do you have to confirm your email for dw? I DON'T EVEN KNOW) and really should be studying math/cleaning my room/SOMETHING ELSE, but here I am breaking my account in anyway.

Hello, internet, what is up?

Why am I asking when nobody will ever read this is perhaps a better question.